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  • Club Vivanova Charity Gala in Monaco

    You know Club Vivanova from all their fun and interesting tasting parties and gourmet getaways. Riviera Insider has been partners with the club from the beginning, sharing their great events from champagne tasting to gourmet getaways in Italy. The founder, Bradley Mitton, is a master networker bringing together business owners from all walks of life. He understands the benefit of mixing business with pleasure but he also knows the importance of giving back. He says:

    “Whatever role we play on this planet, we need to support each other and develop together. As we create our destinies and experience success, it becomes our moral duty to help others to overcome their challenges in life – so that they too, can succeed and evolve.”

    Each spring, he hosts the Club Vivanova Charity Gala, a lavish affair with impressive gifts on auction. This year’s gala, which takes place on 6 April in the Fairmont Monte Carlo’s Salle d’Or, will feature a Galerie Cristal Premier Cru Champagne Aperitif, a selection of Premium International Wine, a four-course gourmet dinner prepared by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France chef; an Haute-Couture fashion show; live musical entertainment; a charity auction and an after-party with dancers and a DJ.

    Some of the gifts on auction include a membership to Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, a holiday package at Le Chevre d’Or, a spa and golf getaway at La Terre Blanche (with helicopter transfer from Monaco), gemstones, original artwork and more.

    Proceeds from the grand gala will benefit:

    The Animal Fund

    TAF was established in 2015 with its primary focus on the protection of dolphins and whales and is a non-profit organization run on volunteer labour.
    TAF is a registered Association under Monaco law since March 2015, published in the Official Journal on 10th March 2015. TAF’s mission is to protect, save and actively help the dolphins and the whales who are victims of maltreatment, slaughter, pollution, and overfishing and to educate and inform the world via publicity, campaigns, conferences and online media of the danger and consequences of cruelty and extinction.



    Chances for Children funds and runs an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. The foundation houses, educates, and lovingly raises 56 orphan children who have been rescued from the streets–all affected by acute sickness and/or poverty. The children are between the ages of 4-13 years. The end goal is to build a self-sustaining campus with a farm, school and all the facilities needed to provide support for the local community. A self-sustaining model would mean that the campus is no longer reliant on corporate and private donors to operate successfully. Once proven successful, this model will be replicated in other countries around Africa.


    Tickets for the event are €175, all-inclusive. There are still tickets left, so if you’d like to spend a glamorous evening in Monaco to support these charities, go to Club Vivanova’s website:

    Posted: by Riviera France

  • Europe cautious as China courts bloc leaders

    The French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Paris this Monday, where deals on nuclear power and aerospace are among 30 contracts expected to be signed.

    Posted: by RFI

  • Europe cautious as China courts bloc leaders

    The French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Paris this Monday, where deals on nuclear power and aerospace are among 30 contracts expected to be signed.

    Posted: by RFI

  • Franco-Irish Trade and Brexit 2019

    As the brinksmanship looks set to continue over how and when Britain will leave the European Union, EU states are increasingly preparing for a hard Brexit.


    Although April 12th has been proposed as the new date for Britain to leave the bloc, the issues facing trade between the island of Ireland and continental Europe remain unchanged. Especially the so-called UK “land bridge”, used by haulage companies to transport goods to and from the continent, which looks set to become a logistical ordeal, as trade tariffs and customs checks could come into force.


    Tailbacks at ports, congestion on the motorways and the possible introduction of excise duties, are just some of the potential problems on the horizon. And thus, maritime traffic between Ireland and the continent looks set to rise exponentially. With France soon to be Ireland’s nearest neighbour within the European Union, are French ports and services ready to pick up the slack?


    RFI’s David Coffey speaks to the President of Enterprise Ireland in France, Sinéad Lonergan and President of NetworkIrlande, Richard Dujardin about the work being done on both sides of the Celtic Sea to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.


    Click below for the full interview

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  • French Employment Law: Know your rights before you sign

    By Zoubaïda Bouzou, Lawyer

    Image by CQF-avocat from Pixabay: Once the decision is taken to work in France, you need to be informed on all the conditions that will prevail. We published an article in July/August 2018 on how to be in compliance with Immigration, tax rules and international employment law. That article focused on whether or not you need a visa or permit to work in France. Continuing from there, we look at the questions to consider related to contractual labour law.

    If you are ready to live and work in France, it is important to plan; especially if what is expected is a permanent contract and not temporary work. Many companies publish their openings on their website and it is easy to collect the most relevant information regarding the job description and to review employee benefits the company offers.

    The first important question is the nature of the contract: there are different types of contracts under French law. The two main types are the fixed-term CDD (“contrat à durée déterminée”) for a maximum of 18 months (in principle, as there are exceptions) and the open-ended CDI (“contrat à durée indéterminée”). The “contrat à durée déterminée” terminates at the end of the contractual period, which is different for the “contrat à durée indéterminée”. The latter can be terminated by resignation, mutual consent or dismissal. In the case of dismissal, a very strict procedure must be followed and the reasons for dismissal must be specifically defined in substance and in writing.

    Your rights as a foreigner
    It is important to have a careful look before signing a contract and not to fear asking questions you might have if you don’t understand a provision. An extra check can help to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The French Labour Code (“Code du Travail”) stipulates that some provisions are required and must be agreed by the employee (such as the place of work, the title, grade, nature or category of the work, the start date and the working hours). For example, the written employment contract must be written in French but when the employee is a foreigner, it is mandatory to have at his request a translation of the contract. In case of discrepancy, only the text written in the language of the foreign employee can be invoked against the latter (article L1221-3 of the Labour Code). Any part of a labour contract that does not meet the standards laid down by law is invalid. In fact, any stipulation contradicting the legal norms shall be void.

    A legal professional can provide impartial guidance before signing a contract and if necessary can defend your rights when an issue arises.


    Zoubaïda Bouzou, Avocat

    Isegoria Conseils
    12 Avenue Malausséna, Nice
    +33 (0)9 83 57 28 00

    Posted: by Riviera France

  • Google unveils Stadia game streaming platform

    Google on Tuesday set out to disrupt the world of video games with a Stadia platform aimed at putting its massive data center power in game maker’s hands and letting people play blockbuster titles from any device they wish.

    Posted: by France 24

  • Indonesia to cancel purchase of 49 Boeing 737 Max 8

    Garuda, the national carrier of Indonesia has told Boeing it will cancel a multi-billion-dollar order for 49 Boeing 737 Max 8 jets after the model was involved in two fatal crashes.  Garuda had already received one of the planes, part of a 50-aircraft order worth $4.9 billion when it was announced in 2014.

    Posted: by RFI

  • Lime CEO: 'We ask our users to take a photo to validate where they park'

    Brad Bao, the CEO and co-founder of Lime, one of the biggest players in the world of ride-sharing bicycles and scooters, gives us his perspective on the benefits and potential pitfalls of the scheme. Critics say the vehicles, which users rent via their mobile phones, are a public nuisance and unfairly impinge on pedestrians. Paris is currently the biggest market for Lime. The city has just decided to start taxing the scheme, something that Bao says he welcomes.

    Posted: by France 24

  • Mimosa's Masquerade Ball raises money for cancer

    Ellie Goblet D'Alviella (Mimosa Committee) Gérard VAN DEN BULCKE (Directeur la ligue contre le Cancer) Sara Parks ( Mimosa Committee) Eugénie CLAYON   (Directrice adjointe la ligue contre le Cancer) Juliette CLARKIN (Mimosa Committee)Mimosa Matters is a local Anglophone cancer charity whose mission is to fund awareness, support, and research so that one day we are free from cancer. It’s a lofty goal but they are well on their way to achieving it.

    Their annual black-tie charity gala is one of their biggest fundraising events and a great excuse to get fancy and have ‘ball’ at the same time. This year’s masquerade ball will add whimsical fun and a dash of flair for a truly extravagant evening.

    Held on 30 March at the historic Hotel Negresco in Nice, the ball will commence with a champagne reception, followed by an exquisite three-course dinner prepared by Virginie Basselot, Negresco’s new Michelin Star Chef. Live entertainment will dazzle guests throughout the evening, culminating in the highlight of every charity gala: the auctions. Local companies donate impressive gifts for the event. Past gifts have included weekend getaways by private jet, original artwork and prestigious golf club memberships. Auctioneer Lucy Crapper will be flying in from London to officiate the auction.

    The evening wraps up with a live DJ, transforming the event into Nightclub Mimosa to dance until the wee hours of the morning.

    All the funds raised from the event will go directly to a local cancer support organisation. 
    Tickets are still available for individuals and VIP table reservations through their website:

    If you would like to support their cause by becoming a sponsor of the event or donating something for the auction, contact

    Riviera Insider is honoured to be a media partner for the event.

    A community-focused charity
    What separates Mimosa from classic cancer charities is their commitment to local services and their emphasis on support of patients and families struck by the disease. Their community-focused charity events have made them widely popular throughout the Riviera.

    Established in 2013 by eight expat women who wanted to give back to their community, Mimosa has since grown into one of the largest volunteer charities in the Alpes-Maritimes. Despite how much they’ve grown, they remain a volunteer-run charity, organising events between work and family life. They don’t have high-paid board members or large operating overhead. This means your donations actually go to helping people with cancer.

    Community spirit is one of the main pillars of the organisation, and that has also been their recipe for success. Within the expat community, Mimosa has become almost a household name. Juliette Clarkin, one of the founding committee members, tells Riviera Insider: “Over the past few years we have been so lucky to have such a wonderful community rallying around us – supporting us – and now this year, hosting their own events and expanding the community!”

    Numerous little fundraisers organised by individuals across the region, from bake sales, book sales, clothing drives and Christmas fairs have led to larger events such as the Nice-Cannes Marathon this year when they had over 150 ‘Mimosa runners’ sign up. In only five years, these events have helped Mimosa raise €250,000. They are acutely aware this was only possible with the generosity of the local community.

    Another reason Mimosa is so popular is their commitment to keeping funds local. Juliette reveals a shocking statistic: “Eight thousand people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the Alpes-Maritimes,” she said. “We want to help as many people as we can and we want to keep the money local.”

    Mimosa donates to a few different cancer support services throughout PACA. La Ligue contre le cancer is one of the main organisations they support, having helped fund the Espace Ligue in Antibes. This unique walk-in centre offers support to cancer patients and their families, completely free of charge. They also fund prevention awareness campaigns and support CSG06 (Cancer Support Group 06), an English-speaking organisation that provides counsellors and active listeners to help patients and families process the enormous emotional burden and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

    Supporting kids
    Tragically, children are not immune to cancer. In April 2016, Mimosa introduced a fundraiser specifically for children, the Kid’s Fun Run. This fun event is open to children from the ages of five to fifteen and proceeds benefit paediatric cancer centres. The event is fun for all and children are so happy to be involved in the cause, many even bring their ‘piggy bank’ money as a contribution. Now one of their most popular events, last year’s Kid’s Fun Run had 250 participants and raised €10,000 for the paediatric oncology unit at L’Archet Hospital in Nice.

    For 2019, they are continuing to grow with more individual fundraisers, such as their new Coffee Morning on World Cancer Awareness Day (4th February) and large organised events, such as the Kid’s Fun Run (28th April), Mimosa Golf Day (4th May), Mimosa Cycle Challenge (October) and the Nice-Cannes Marathon (November).

    Support this great association and have a glamourous evening out by buying tickets to their gala!



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  • Space arms treaty should cover threat posed by debris - EU

    While international experts meeting in Geneva clash over how to prevent an arms race in outer space, Europe is hoping that efforts to replace an ageing Cold War treaty will find a way to rein in space pollution.

    Posted: by RFI

  • Ticket giveaway! Cannes Orchestra

    Félicien Brut - Eh bien, dansez maintenant! (C)Manuel BraunWe have tickets to the Cannes Orchestra’s performance of Eh bien, dansez maintenant! Under the direction of Benjamin Levy, the concert will feature Félicien Brut playing a series of lively music from the period between the two World Wars when the Parisian culture of the accordion flourished. Brut will be playing the music of Thibault Perrine, Nino Rota, Richard Galliano and the evening will end with a special world premiere.

    Just a century ago, to heal the wounds of an atrocious war, France embraced the frenetic rhythm of the Roaring Twenties… Paris danced, Paris sang and the accordion became the symbol of the cultural effervescence between the two world wars. Today, we are introducing this strap piano as a soloist in a symphonic program. Hanging on Félicien Brut’s shoulders, he tells his story, a story of migrations and encounters against a background of a waltz musette. Memories emerge, draw the saga of the past and illuminate the crazy years to come for this incredible instrument….

    From Treno Popolare in 1933 to Paranoid Park in 2007, Nino Rota composed more than 150 film scores: those of Federico Fellini, of whom he was the official composer, Luchino Visconti’s Gattopardo or the saga Le Parain which gave him international recognition and fame.
    Accordionist, bandoneonist, composer, concert performer, Richard Galliano expresses himself in all musical genres, from classical to jazz. If the Petite suite française shows how much the waltz musette can be nourished by jazz harmonies, Tango for Claude testifies to the encounter between French music and Piazzolla’s “tango nuevo”.
    Finally, let’s stay in the dance with Thibault Perrine’s Souvenir de bal, a work that will be performed for the very first time and whose Cannes audience has been chosen to attend the world premiere.

    Riviera Insider is offering a pair of tickets to see this lively performance on 28 April at the Théâtre Croisette in Cannes. To take part in the competition, please send an email with the subject “Orchestra Cannes” and your postal address to
    The closing date for entries is Friday 12 April.

    Good luck!

    Eh bien, dansez maintenant!

    Friday 28 April at 8.30 pm
    Théâtre Croisette

    Félicien Brut, accordion
    NINO ROTA Dances, from Le Guépard (Il Gattopardo) by Luchino Visconti 
    RICHARD GALLIANO Small French suite
    RICHARD GALLIANO Tango for Claude 
    THIBAULT PERRIN Ball Memories, Concerto for accordion and orchestra – world premiere 

    Posted: by Riviera France

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