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  • Can Trump prevent a US recession in election year?

    Trump is pressuring the Fed to stave off a sharp economic downturn as he seeks reelection in 2020. The feelgood effects of his $1.5 billion program of tax cuts are due to run out soon, so what can he do?

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  • Economic Downturn: Germany┬áMay Abandon Its Beloved Black Zero

    Chancellor Angela Merkel is still clinging to her policy of a balanced budget, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Germany’s economic downturn could soon usher in a return to deficit spending. Government ministries are already signaling a willingness to abandoned years of cautious fiscal policy.

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  • Extinction Rebellion: A New Kind of Climate Protest Movement

    Alongside Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion is establishing itself as the second arm of a new global climate protection movement. Forged from the lessons of past protest cultures and a present-day understanding of mental health and sensitivity, the group seems to be finding its stride.

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  • Nervous About Trump: EU Fearful of Including U.S. on Tax-Haven List

    Although the United States fits the definition of a tax haven, EU officials in Brussels are weary of publicly shaming it on a “black list” of countries that allow companies to avoid taxes. Given Trump’s harsh rhetoric, the Europeans are worried about a further deterioration of ties.

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  • YouTubers of the world unite!

    Content creators on the popular video platform are uniting against YouTube in an effort to change company policies they consider unfair. Supported by Germany’s biggest labor union they are threatening to sue.

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