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  • Facebook's cryptocurrency plan is taking shape

    The world’s biggest social network has indicated that it wants to move into the payments industry by launching its own cryptocurrency next year. DW looks at what’s behind Facebook’s not-so-cryptic plan.

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  • India-US trade tensions threaten the ties that bind

    The US and India are long-standing allies, and trade is an important part of the relationship. However, a row over market access and tariffs has escalated, leading to fears of a protracted dispute.

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  • Migrants in the Gulf see dreams of higher wages ruined

    More than a million foreign workers have been sent packing as Gulf leaders face pressure to hire more locals. Despite the region’s reputation for exploitation and rigidity, many foreigners still dream of Arabia.

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  • Myopic stock markets deter green investments

    Companies remain torn between making socially responsible investments and meeting the short-term expectations of the stock market. But it’s not all gloom and doom for green investors, especially in Europe.

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