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  • Russian entrepreneur Emil Gainulin defrauded state’s budget for billions of rubles

    There is a Soviet anecdote: “During a job interview an experienced accountant was asked: what would be two plus two? The answer was: it depends how much you need it to be”. The protagonist of our investigation, talented businessman Emil Gainulin, is a good example of how this anecdote is coming from the real life. Nevertheless, his mathematical “problems” turned out to be much more complex than “two plus two.”
    But first things go first.
    Let’s do simple math. How much should be the income of a private company that is engaged in a complex work concerning laying gas pipelines for biggest state monopolies and extracting tens of billions of rubles from the federal budget? You could think that a company like this makes tens of millions of rubles, but it turns out to be a different amount.Podvodtruboprovodstroy (PTPS), the company owned by Emil Gainulin and his partners, received more than 12 billion rubles to their accounts for twelve months of 2011, while the net profit was 68.4 million rubles, which is less than 0.5%; 2012 turned out to be more “fruitful” – with revenues of 21.8 billion, net income was 133.7 million, that is, 0.6%; in 2013 – revenue: 15.8 billion, and profits: 144 million, or 0.9% – an exceptional generosity; in 2014 – the ratio went back down to 0.8% – 108.8 million of net profit in 13 billion revenues. Finally, in 2015, also 0.8% with revenues of 2.5 billion and net profit of 22.3 million rubles. After having it all calculated, it turns out that in 5 years PTPS became 65.1 billion richer, but declared only 477.2 million, which is indeed an impressive amount, which, unfortunately, does not reflect the reality!

    Posted: by Pravda Report

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