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  • Argentina has over a million virus cases despite a record quarantine

     As Argentina passed 1 million virus cases (and 26,716 deaths) on Monday, it is now smaller cities like Ushuaia that are seeing some of the most notable upticks. Photo: AP
    At the extreme end of Argentina in a city known as “The End of the World,” many thought they might be spared from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. Sitting far from Buenos Aires, health workers in Ushuaia were initially able to contain a small outbreak among foreigners hoping to catch boats to the Antarctic at the start of the crisis.

    Posted: by Merco Press Argentina News

  • Falklands' incursion and landing by an Argentine submarine at Cow Bay in October 1966

    Submarine ARA Santiago del Estero, S12, which allegedly was involved in operation Cow Bay
    A top-secret operation from the Argentine navy, which apparently took place in October 1966, was revealed by an Argentine newspaper, El Diario Nuevo Día, from the province of Santa Cruz. The operation took place when the submarine ARA Santiago del Estero, emerged at Cow Bay, in East Falkland, north of Stanley, and had a couple of teams land and survey the beach and surrounding areas with most probably a future invasion purpose.

    Posted: by Merco Press Argentina News

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