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  • Can Diplomacy Stop the War in Libya?

    In the conflict over Libya, a North African country of considerable strategic importance for Europe, three countries have been setting the agenda with their military: Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Does diplomacy still have a chance?

    Posted: by SPIEGEL Online

  • Can New Organ Donor Law Save Lives?

    German lawmakers are considering making the country’s organ donor program opt-out rather than opt-in. Their decision could save many lives, but it’s deeply controversial. A transplant recipient and a father who had to choose whether to donate his son’s organs share their views on the life and death legislation.

    Posted: by SPIEGEL Online

  • Germany's Greens Hit Adulthood

    Once self-identified as the “anti-party party,” Germany’s Greens now have aspirations of moving into the Chancellery before long. At age 40, their story is one of astonishing success — and change.

    Posted: by SPIEGEL Online

  • Lake Chad: A War Fueled By Global Warming

    The region between Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon is dominated by violence, poverty and hunger and it is home to one of the most complex humanitarian crises in the world. Now, climate change is intensifying the problem.

    Posted: by SPIEGEL Online

  • Women work for free while billionaires accumulate wealth

    From birth to death, no matter where we are, someone hopefully takes care for us. Likely, it is a woman who is not being paid for it. This unpaid care work amounts to 11 trillion US dollars, Oxfam has calculated.

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