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Intel Spain

  • 200,000 protest in Barcelona against separatist trial

    Around 200,000 people marched through Barcelona on Saturday against the high-profile trial of Catalan separatist leaders that started this week, which they dismissed as a farce.


  • Brexit: Why have British citizens in the EU been left to fight for their own rights?

    Groups of volunteers are spending all their time and hard-earned cash on fighting for the rights of Britons across the EU who are directly affected by Brexit. The British government needs to finally make the 1.2 million citizens in the EU a real priority and ease the burden on campaigners, writes Ben McPartland.


  • Franco's family given 15 days to decide burial site

    IF THE family of dictator General Franco does not give the government a decision on where his remains should be placed within the next two weeks, the State will decide on their behalf, says justice minister Dolores …


  • How to speak the Spanish language of love

    The Spanish language is one of the most romantic in the world. here’s our St Valentine’s Day guide to speaking the language of love!


  • Lydia Valentin crowned Weightlifter of the Year 2018

    THREE-TIMES Olympic medallist Lydia Valentín has been proclaimed weightlifter of the year for 2018 this week after an expert jury gave her 13,000 votes.

    The León-born strongwoman netted three golds in the 2017 …


  • OPINION: How Spain treats Britons over Brexit is in the hands of the UK

    While there have been warm words and encouraging promises from Spain towards Britons in the country, the reality is their futures depend on the UK government and people have lost faith in it, says Sue Wilson from the Bremain in Spain campaign group.


  • Sanchez calls general election for April 28

    PRESIDENT Pedro Sánchez had announced a snap general election for Sunday, April 28, meaning Parliament will be dissolved on Tuesday, March 5 at the latest.

    “I’m going to humbly ask for the trust of the …


  • Sanchez may call April elections following Sunday's protest

    PRESIDENT Pedro Sánchez is considering calling a general election on April 14 as he has been unable to secure sufficient backing for his 2019 budget.

    In trying to please the Catalunya regional parties – whose …


  • Spain gives Franco family 15 days to decide reburial

    Spain’s government, which has pledged to exhume Francisco Franco from his opulent mausoleum, on Friday gave the late dictator’s family two weeks to decide on a reburial site, the justice minister said.


  • Spain's Osborne bull 'is not Bulgarian', rules EU

    A CLAIM by a firm in Bulgaria that the iconic Osborne bull in Spain is a breach of copyright has been thrown out by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – and sparked mirth among Spanish-speakers.

    The plaintiff’s …


  • Spanish citizenship testing for applicants who cannot read or write

    TAKING Spanish nationality normally involves a language exam and a multiple-choice test on Constitution, culture and society to show ‘integration’, and both are relatively simple: only 15 correct answers out of a total of 25 …


  • Spanish MEPs visiting Venezuela deported at Maduro's orders

    VENEZUELAN former president Nicolás Maduro has expelled European Members of Parliament (MEPs) from the country after they travelled to Caracas to meet with new leader Juan Guaidó.

    Spain’s Esteban …


  • Spanish PM calls snap election after budget defeat

    Spain’s prime minister called an early general election on Friday, the third in less than four years, after his draft budget was rejected in parliament over the Catalan secession crisis.


  • Spanish victims of Catholic priests speak out over sex abuse

    A trickle of accusations of sexual abuse against priests in schools and seminaries is starting to erode the wall of silence in Catholic Spain, whose Church representatives are set to attend a major Vatican meeting on child protection.


  • Trans boy, 15, wins right to change his name officially

    A TRANSSEXUAL teenager has won the battle to have his name printed on his national ID card after appealing a decision which claimed this was ‘not neutral enough’.

    Gabriel Delgado Suárez, 15, from Calatayud …


  • Will Pedro Sanchez be forced to call early elections?

    Right-wing and Catalan separatist lawmakers on Wednesday rejected Spain’s draft 2019 budget, a move that could force Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez into calling early elections.