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  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch first astronauts from US soil since 2011

    Falcon 9 rocket to make history as billionaire seeks to commercialise space travel

    Elon Musk’s SpaceX company hopes to make history on Wednesday by launching the first astronauts into space from US soil in nine years, as the billionaire takes the next step in his dream to commercialise space travel.

    Donald Trump will be among the spectators at Kennedy space centre in Florida to witness the launch, which has been given the green light despite the coronavirus lockdown.

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  • Exclusive: big pharma rejected EU plan to fast-track vaccines in 2017

    World’s top drug firms turned down proposals for work on pathogens like coronavirus

    The world’s largest pharmaceutical companies rejected an EU proposal three years ago to work on fast-tracking vaccines for pathogens like coronavirus to allow them to be developed before an outbreak, the Guardian can reveal.

    The plan to speed up the development and approval of vaccines was put forward by European commission representatives sitting on the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) – a public-private partnership whose function is to back cutting-edge research in Europe – but it was rejected by industry partners on the body.

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  • New York Stock Exchange traders hope to prove they are still a big noise

    The shouty blokes in blue jackets return to Wall Street this week. Trump’s attorney is sure to be a fan

    Everyone knows what financial trading looks like, right? A large room of blokes (mainly) with paunches and worryingly high blood pressure who shout and wave against a backdrop of flashing electronic numbers.

    In reality the vast majority of trades are done by computers away from the floor, but that scene remains the enduring image of stock markets – one made familiar by films such as Trading Places.

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