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  • Australian politicians call for Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to appear before inquiry

    Chair of Senate inquiry raises questions about revelations Facebook failed to stop massive far right disinformation network

    Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to appear before Australia’s parliament and explain how Facebook failed to detect and stop a massive global disinformation network from spreading hate and influencing voters over a two-year period.

    The Senate this week set up a new inquiry to examine why Facebook and other social media giants have failed to stop clandestine actors using their platforms to spread falsehoods and undermine democracy.

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  • Donald Trump calls for World Bank to halt all China lending

    President says China has plenty of money amid market jitters about trade talks and Beijing vow to be ‘strong backup’ for Hong Kong police

    Donald Trump has called for the World Bank to stop lending money to China, a day after the institution adopted a lending plan to Beijing despite Washington’s objections.

    The World Bank on Thursday adopted a plan to aid China with $1bn to $1.5bn in low-interest loans annually until 2025. The plan called for lending to “gradually decline” from the previous five-year average of $1.8bn.

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  • Joe Biden: prosecute companies that stop workers forming unions

    Sanders, Buttigieg, Booker, Klobuchar and Steyer also discussed the economy, wages and healthcare at a Teamsters forum in Iowa

    Joe Biden has proposed criminal prosecution of companies that deprive workers of their rights to organise unions as part of what he called the corporate war on labour.

    The former vice-president made a vigorous defence of the labour movement at a forum of Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa organised by the giant Teamsters union in partnership with the Guardian and the Storm Lake Times on Saturday.

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  • Opioid manufacturers made parody rap videos to help push products

    Companies fought to keep the videos, which are evidence in a huge, multi-state lawsuit fought in Ohio, under seal

    Opioid manufacturers made parody music videos in an effort to inspire salespeople to push doctors to prescribe more of their highly addictive products.

    Newly released videos show opioid manufacturers produced music videos, sponsored local news segments and held dramatic new launches for products even after they were warned against aggressive marketing.

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  • WTO faces crisis over settlement disputes unless Trump backs off

    Ability to police global trade could be neutered by battle to safeguard US sovereignty

    The World Trade Organization is set to plunge into the biggest crisis in its 25-year history later this week as the climax to a long-running and bitter dispute means the Geneva-based body will cease to be able to settle disputes between its member states.

    Unless Donald Trump backs off at the last minute and agrees to a peace plan, Washington’s protracted battle to safeguard US sovereignty will lead to the neutering of the WTO’s ability to police global trade.

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