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  • Can Detroit's automakers solve America's ventilator crisis?

    As demand for the devices outpaces supply, General Motors and Ford seek to retool plants and develop a new supply chain

    Detroit is planning a rapid mobilization of its engineering and manufacturing might unseen since the second world war, switching from making cars to making ventilators as the Covid-19 pandemic brings the US to breaking point.

    With coronavirus cases surging, not least in Detroit, demand for ventilators is outpacing hospitals’ supply and people are dying without the machines. Now the US’s largest car manufacturers are stepping in. General Motors plans to begin producing 10,000 ventilators per month by mid-April, and Ford hopes to produce 50,000 of the devices in the next 100 days.

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  • Coronavirus: Is Europe losing Italy?

    Furious at their plight being ignored and over resistance to coronabonds, Italians’ sense of betrayal deepens


  • How the Covid-19 crisis locked Airbnb out of its own homes

    The short-let platform’s business model has been exposed. Bookings have fallen off a cliff but Airbnb simply can’t change tack

    “You would not have an empire without us,” an Airbnb host shouts down the lens in a video addressing the company’s billionaire co-founder and chief executive Brian Chesky. “It’s our homes on your platform. It’s our face on millions of listings. It’s our soul that brings the magic … It’s our place that makes you money.”

    lol airbnb landlords are losing their minds because people canceled their trips due to the uh. global pandemic

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